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    Camperize your car with Jovive roof tents the easy way, watch our video tutorials.


Opening and closing of the roof tent Jovive Tent Adventure

How to close the Jovive Tent car roof tent with an Avance installed?

How to attach a roof tent to the roof rails of your car?

Presentation Car Roof Tents

Jovive Awning Opening

Jovive Awning Closure

Closing Jovive Adventure

Leave your advance if you plan to return. It will protect your utensils.

Maintenance tips and frequently asked questions from Jovive tent car roof.

Lateral opening Jovive Star roof tent.

Side closure of the Jovive Star roof tent.

First installation when you receive your Jovive Adventure and Star roof tent at home.

Learn more about the advantages of the Jovive Chest compared to a Maggiolina.

Meet our car roof tents

Installation of the Jovive awning and dressing room in the car or trailer

Jovive Dressing Room Opening

Jovive Dressing Room Closer

Jovive Awning Enclosure

Jovive Awning Opening

Jovive Awning Closure

Jovive Star Rooftop Shop Opening

Jovive Star Roof Tent Closure

Jovive Chest Roof Shop Opening

Jovive Chest Roof Tent Closure

Jovive Tent Adventure Roof Tent Opening

Jovive Tent Roof Tent Opening

Jovive Tent Roof Closing

How to set up the Jovive Tent roof tent

Uninstallation of the Jovive Tent ceiling tent Avance

Turn Jovive Tent upside down so that it does not protrude. 

Jovive Tent Roof Tent Avance Placement

Tips for Jovive Tent in windy conditions